The Wrexham super-prison is on track for 2017 opening

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Earlier this year the new prison received its official name, HMP Berwyn, and is set to take its first prisoners in to the establishment in February 2017.


Wrexham's £212m super prison is taking shape after the new governor said he wanted it to be a place where offenders are not just serving time, but leave as rehabilitated members of the community.

Last month at its peak, 550 employees were on site constructing the jail including painters, decorators, joiners, flooring workers and mechanical and electrical engineers.

The prison’s chiefs say so far the average number of workers every month being “local” to the area , defined as within 50 miles, stands at 70%. There have also been 44 apprenticeships on site and there has been a commitment to spend £67.5m on Small and Medium Enterpriese (SMEs).

The governor Russ Trent recently spoke to students at Wrexham’s Glyndwr University about how he wishes to run the largest prison in the UK saying it will be a place to rehabilitate offenders.

He said: “It’s an honour helping plan the opening of Berwyn. My personal belief on how to hold 2,106 men is to offer them future orientation and hope. I realise as a victim of a crime we want the offender to be punished but as a society we want them to be rehabilitated too.”

Mr Trent confirmed Berwyn will not be holding sex offenders and will only house category C prisoners and a small percentage of Category B.

The prison will consist of three sections with about 700 beds in each area – broken down by house colours – with each colour holding 88 beds and two beds to a room.

He added: “It’s my vision to create the best environment for men to change their lives.

“When Berwyn first opens we will open 66 beds up a week to house men from other prisons already serving their sentence.”

Mr Trent has claimed the economic benefit to the region will last for generations.

“Our forecasts will reach target no problem at all. Berwyn will save tens of millions of pounds of tax payers’ money year on year,” he said.

“We will hire thousands of people and in 100 years from now HMP Berwyn will still be employing local people. The economic benefit for Wrexham will be there for generations.”

Source: Daily Post

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