Novus learner plans to publish prison diary on release

Novus learner plans to publish prison diary and donate money to cancer charities


A Novus learner is writing a diary about his experiences at HMP Humber and hopes to get it published when he is released.

If ‘Alex’ is successful in his quest, he will donate all proceeds to children’s cancer charities, having lost his 11-year-old son to the disease.

Alex has fully embraced Novus during his time in prison. He has progressed through the Art qualifications over the last 12 months and described the art room as a “breath of fresh air” which helps him to forget that he is in custody.

A recovering alcoholic, Alex is open to learning new things despite being of pensioner age.

Novus colleagues encouraged him to both develop his artwork and nurture his interest in poetry. He has gone on to give several readings in the classroom, and has since been asked to read to people in other areas of HMP Humber at various events. Work produced by Novus learners was showcased in a film made by Hull College School of Art, and it featured Alex reciting poetry during an animated performance.

By putting together a diary while he is still in prison, Alex hopes that sharing his learning journey upon release will help others to take strength from his experiences.

Alex said: “The Novus Art and Design workshop has helped me mentally. It has kept me busy, and has given me a renewed focus by providing me with something I enjoy doing, where I can develop my talents.”


Source: Novus

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