OLASS Provider Overview: Weston College


An overview of Weston College, the provider of OLASS services to prisons in the South West of England.


In 2012, Weston College was awarded the prestigious contract to deliver education services to offenders in prisons across the South West of England. Initially, Weston were awarded the contract to deliver education services in 13 prisons but following a number of changes in the prison structure of the South West, they now deliver in 8 seperate locations.

Weston provide education packages to thousands of offenders and employ around 300 staff. The focus of their delivery is transformational learning and raising aspirations - ensuring that an education package is provided that meets the needs of prisoners when they complete their sentence. The College is committed to helping a new generation of prisoners to gain skills, which will help them to find employment after their release.

As well as providing educational facilities under the Weston College brand, a key aim is to engage employers, large and small, to find work for ex-offenders and those out on licence. This supports Weston's ambition to establish, strengthen and maintain partnerships both internally and externally, as well as helping to make prisons places of truly meaningful, inspiring work.

The prison curriculum from Weston College includes a diverse range of subject areas including:

  • English & Maths
  • IT
  • NVQs
  • Vocational (Painting & Decorating)
  • Construction (Carpentry, Plastering, Brickwork)
  • Bicycle Repair
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Waste Management
  • Digital Music, Radio & Video
  • Art & Textiles
  • Customer Services
  • Beauty
  • Hairdressing & Barbering
  • Media & Creative Writing
  • Parenting & Family Relations
  • Catering & Cookery
  • Diversity (Mentoring)
  • Distance Learning


The below video is an excellent introduction to Weston College:


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