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Education Manager - Novus


Pam Fricker is an Education Manager at HMP Onley. Pam joined Novus two years ago after 24 years working in Further Education. Read her story here. 

“My amazing career in education began when I was training to be an aerobics instructor/ personal trainer. Shortly after I completed my degree in health studies, my university tutor rang me and asked if I would cover one of his courses as he had hurt his back …. and the rest, as they say, is history! 

“I trained as a teacher while I was working at my local college. Over my career I have been a sessional tutor, course leader, a teaching and learning coach to support new teachers and an advanced practitioner. I remember telling my head of school ‘I will never be a manager, I love teaching too much’, but within the year I had become a programme manager, progressing on to head of school. While I thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher, I also enjoy the data and strategy aspect and I have never looked back.

“After 24 years in FE, I took the decision to enter offender learning, and it is a decision I will never regret. As a teacher, there is nothing better than seeing your learners achieve and make positive changes. Every day is a highlight!”


Source: Novus 

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