Novus - Productive partnership sets stage

Novus Clean Break Case Study


Novus colleagues at HMP Holloway have been working closely with Clean Break Theatre Company to help women continue their creative development throughout their time in custody and after being released.


Clean Break, set up in 1979 by two female prisoners, runs a theatre-based education and training programme. enabling female offenders, and those at risk of offending, to develop their social and professional skills in preparation for employment or education.

Offenders working towards accreditations in the arts can gain significantly from being referred onto programmes such as Clean Break during their studies. This forms part of the ‘Through the Gate’ progression route designed to equip women for the world of work by training up their employable skills, helping them to find a job upon release.

Dotan Cohen, Arts and Media course director for Novus, and his colleagues refer offenders who they believe would thrive within Clean Break’s programme.


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