Praise for HMP Peterborough, but still plenty of work to do


HMP Peterborough was praised recently by inspectors for a number of improvements, including their resettlement work, but were told to do more in their education work for inmates.


The prison was visited by HM Inspectorate of Prisons earlier this year in an unannounced visit, with the prison receiving praise for many areas being of 'best practice', including resettlement work, helping convicts re-adjust to life after their release. Despite this, they were told that education and cultural diversity needed to see significant improvements.

The Govenor of the Prison, Mr. Leader, has said that they are working swiftly and effectively to improve education, with a new activity centre opening in February with space for NVQs in catering, basic English and maths lessons, an IT classroom and the chance for prisoners to work on the National Prison Radio network.  This centre was not referenced by inspectors, having opened the week after the inspection.

Despite four 'self-inflicted' deaths, the prison improvements have been noted with inspectors declaring the prison 'safe'. They mentioned that the prison had learned from those experiences and were dealing in all areas of prison safety far more effectively than previously, with safety receiving the highest possible rating.

There are also attempts to address the issue of culture and diversity, with a better range of cultures being represented in support workers and a full time diversity manager being employed.

Original source (full article): Peterborough Today

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