Wales' new 'super-prison' provides a £10million boost


The construction of a new 'super-prison' in Wrexham, North Wales, has led to over £10million being funnelled into the local economy.



Around £10.6m of the funds spent so far on the project, which is in it's first year, have been spent locally, with a target to increase that to £30m in the 3 years it will take to finish.

With currently over 200 staff on site, a number that is expected to grow, and over 80% of these drawn from a 50 mile radius of the site, the prison is a huge boost to the local economy.

Much of the groundwork, landscaping and initial steel placement has been completed in the first year as the super prison starts to take shape. Over 2,000 prisoners will be housed at the prison upon completion, with many likening the project to 'building a city'. 

Project Manager Simon Caron has moved to allay fears about the number of prisoners in one place by explaining that each wing and floor will be split in to blocks of around 75 prisoners, rather than attempting to manage 2,000 at once.

The prison will also have a large focus on rehabilitation through education, with a large amount of education and workshop facilities available. The standard of these facilities will be excellent, with many community groups and further education suppliers invited to use these areas - ensuring that the community will benefit further from this institution.

The first prisoners are expected to enter the site at Wrexham in February 2017, with a full handover to the Ministry of Justice later that year.


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