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Gerald Keogh - Founder of Unlock Employment


Upon leaving prison, a number of new challenges can present themselves, one of which is finding a job. OlassJobs spoke to Gerald Keogh, an ex-offender and the founder of Unlock Employment, about how and why this barrier should be removed. 

Posted on Wednesday Jun 21


Head of Support for Coaching Inside and Out and Prisoners’ Education Trust trustee, Simon, was in prison for 16 years. During that time, education became his distraction. Through it he found freedom. 

Posted on Tuesday May 23

Jacob Hill


Following our recent partnership with Offploy, the company's founder, Jacob Hill shared his thoughts on offender education and its role in rehabilitation. We interviewed him about his own prison experiences, his organisation, offender learning and what he thinks prison education needs to look like in the future.

Posted on Tuesday Mar 28

The Tartan Con


The Tartan Con is an ex prisoner who was sentenced to 7 and a half years. He is a keen believer in prison reform, a passionate blogger, and a public speaker. He wrote this article for us, to explain why, from an ex-prisoner's perspective, working in prison education is so important.


Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

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