Current Employee Stories - Curriculum Manager


A first-hand account of the experiences of an Offender Learning Curriculum Manager in Functional Skills.


“In 2010 I was seriously assaulted by a year 11 pupil at the secondary school I worked at, which led to me very nearly leaving teaching for good. As I thought about what I would do with my future I came across an advert that caught my eye, offering me the chance to use my skills to help people in a different setting, a local prison.  After some research and contemplation I decided to complete an application and attend an interview - the rest is history.

I absolutely love my job because it’s rewarding, challenging and no two days are ever alike. I also thoroughly enjoy the need to be creative because we don’t have access to USB sticks, the Internet or even equipment like spiral bound books. 

My friends often ask if it’s dangerous and I always have to reply that it’s much safer than most areas in Further Education. In prison, the learners may be challenging at times, but they don’t have access to any weapons, mobile phones or other paraphernalia that you would find outside of this environment.

One of the things I enjoy the most is that the offenders genuinely want to learn and will often ask really interesting questions. When they grasp the idea and really start to understand their studies, it’s still a truly lovely feeling to see their eyes light up.  You are never too old to learn and teaching students that have often had a really tough time is wonderful; you can genuinely see the positive change in them over such a short period of time.”

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