Current Employee Stories - Regional Cluster Manager


A first-hand account of how a Regional Cluster Manager got involved in Offender Learning.


“I was a little disillusioned after finishing my A levels, with no idea about the type of career I wanted. I took a year out and worked in a care home for the elderly, where I quickly realised nursing was not a choice career for me! While at the care home I discovered that I loved working with people, especially with such a diverse range of experiences and characteristics.

In the end I completed a degree in History and began life as a debt collector for a leasing company, but soon realised (again!) that this was not something I could see myself doing in the long term. Despite that, it gave me some excellent experiences in work and had a fantastic effect in building my confidence. I continued jumping into different roles and four years later I was taken on as Database and Research Manager with a company called Sodexho. It was here that I fell in love with teaching and finally realised that I may have found my dream career. After two years more in a different role, I finally took the plunge and started my career in Offender Learning.

I applied for a team leader post, which led to the biggest learning curve of my life!

Two years later and my passion and dedication was recognised, allowing me to take the post of Education Manager, then another two years after that I moved on to a similar role at another prison. In February, I became the Cluster Manager for the region, so I’m currently back on the learning curve once again.

I have been very fortunate in my working life. Most importantly, I have been able to touch the lives of some of the most downtrodden and disengaged people, to help give them the knowledge, skills and self belief that could make a real difference to their lives and the communities to which they belong.”

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