A Collection of Learner Experiences


This case study is a selection of opinions from prisoners around the UK and their experiences of Offender Learning.


Experience 1

"Being on the pre-release course gave me a new found confidence that was very useful. The intervention peer mentor/working links mentor thanks for the support. The portfolio is key in how you do things different from before, disclosure was really difficult for me, but with a great tutor who believes in their students is a plus and a blessing everything that I have learnt from the pre-release course as made me grow as a person and as an individual."

Experience 2

"This course kept me so in tune with society on the working side of life for me pre-release kept me motivated in all aspects of knowing what I have to do surrounding working or the job centre etc. I found that the tutor done a wonderful job in her role-plays. The tutor kept me on my toes in how she questioned me. I found that this was key to my growth in gaining the necessary information and tools to be successful in our ever-changing society. Thank you to my tutor. I am on my way to do an Open Access course then onto university in media management."

Experience 3

"The portfolio was key and it had a positive impact on me. This was key to my world because i used to be someone who goes with the flow and be slap dash. From a mistake I have made in my life, I can really and truly say that all negative action can have a positive ending the power lays within us all to turn it around for the good."

Experience 4

"When I came onto the course I didn’t want to engage with anyone, but the longer I was there and the way the tutor was presenting the information. I started to want to know more. All of my life I have used the gift of the gab to get me into work, but never my real qualities this course gave me a goal and a platform to do the best re-skill awareness. I can only say thank you to the tutor and all who I have encountered. "

Experience 5

"Firstly I want to thank the following: The peer mentor (Working Links) in workshop 3 and the tutor in the pre-release course Sonia. Thank you for your support and guidance and insight into how I can be better equipped when I am released. I have never worked legit but my turning point was when I came into contact with the two people that I have mentioned above they really made me look at my life for the first time in years in a big way. I found the need to prepare my mind my thought process for the prospect of legit work. I am released now and I work as a chef (legally) Thank you."

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