Current Employee Stories - Music Technology

 The first in a series on current employees in UK prisons, focusing on a Music Technology  teacher.


"My entry into the prison education system was purely by accident. At the time I'd been managing IT networks in schools, as well as teaching basic IT to adults in the evenings, but wanted to pursue a new career path as a music technology specialist. In 2007 I stumbled upon a job advert posted by Kensington and Chelsea College which required someone to teach music technology and sound recording techniques in a brand new recording studio. After slapping myself a couple of times I looked again at the ad, and yes indeed, it appeared that I'd read it correctly. Imagining I'd be working in the plush surroundings of the KCC studio somewhere in West London, and not realizing I was applying for a job at a YOI, I quickly put in my job application form and made one of the most rewarding mistakes of my life.

Since landing here I have gone from strength to strength, both as a teacher and as a person. My self-confidence has improved markedly and my concept of self has also been altered tremendously. Don't get me wrong; it has not been a walk in the park by any means. However, I chose to adopt a positive mental attitude towards my work quite early on and the results have been life changing for both myself and my learners (based on the feedback they have given me). The reality is that if you are an enthusiastic, forward thinking person with a creative imagination you will do well in this role. If you prefer to wait for others to tell you what to do, maybe you would not do so well. I am very much a challenge driven person and love the fact that I get the opportunity every day to work with dynamic, interesting and talented young people. I continue to learn a great deal from my daily interactions with my learners which positively impacts on my personal and professional development."

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