Case Studies

Education Manager - Novus


Pam Fricker is an Education Manager at HMP Onley. Pam joined Novus two years ago after 24 years working in Further Education. Read her story here. 

Posted on Friday Jun 9

Functional Skills Tutor With Novus


Have you ever wanted to know more about working as a Functional Skills Tutor in a prison? Nigel Hooson is a Functional Maths Tutor with Novus. He shares his experiences. 

Posted on Friday Jun 9

Amanda Price, Peer Mentor Tutor


Amanda Price started her career journey at Novus as an Administrator and has progressed to become a Peer Mentor Tutor based at HMP Onley.

Posted on Friday Jun 9


Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in Offender Resettlement, but don't know who to ask? Staff at Shelter have kindly made a video to answer your questions. They explain what their roles involve, why they do it, how they do it, and their impressions when they first started. 

Posted on Wednesday Jun 7

Shelter volunteers


David has been a Shelter Through the Gate volunteer for the last ten months. He explains the huge difference it has made to him and others.

Posted on Friday May 12

Shelter campaigners at Downing Street


As a peer advisor for Shelter, Rena plays an important role, supporting and signposting new arrivals to the right support organisations.

Posted on Friday May 12

Shelter logo on office


John is a Peer Mentor for Shelter at HMP Thorn Cross, Manchester. He discusses his experiences of working as a Peer Mentor and how it has helped him during his sentence.

Posted on Friday May 12

Why Work In Prisons


What is it really like working for the prison service? We explore the different career opportunities available and what makes it is such an excellent career choice

Posted on Wednesday Mar 15

Novus learner plans to publish prison diary and donate money to cancer charities


A Novus learner is writing a diary about his experiences at HMP Humber and hopes to get it published when he is released.

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Novus learner gets job on release thanks to new partnership team


A former learner has thanked Novus after a new scheme at HMP Send with highways service provider CVU got her back into work when she was released.

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Employability Plus programmes help Novus learners


Novus’ resettlement teams at HMP Onley, HMP Highpoint and HMP Wormwood Scrubs has partnered with Strive, which delivers an Employability Plus programme as part of a range of resettlement interventions. 

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Dragon's Den event helped one learner think differently


How one course and an exciting Dragon's Den event made 'Ahmed' think differently, learn new skills, and start to be more positive about life. 

Posted on Friday Jan 27

The opportunity to learn in prison helped him regain his confidence


'Barry' at HMP Manchester explains why offender learning schemes are so important to him and how they helped him turn his life around. 

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Novus helps one ex-offender find stable employment


An ex-offender who studied with Novus during his 16 months behind bars at HMP Risley is now leading a successful career as a Building Services Manager and is entering his second year of a HNC in Construction and Surveying.

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Education gave one learner a second chance


'Sarah' had a disrupted education throughout her childhood and struggled with several mental health issues, but qualifications she gained in prison gave her a chance for a brighter future. 

Posted on Friday Jan 27

Novus learner gets job at Wagamama


A Novus learner at HMYOI Wetherby has proved that he has all the right ingredients for a successful career after landing a job as a chef at Wagamama, the popular restaurant chain which serves oriental cuisine. 

Posted on Friday Jan 27

The Tartan Con Logo


The Tartan Con is an ex-offender who was sentenced to 7 and a half years. He is a keen believer in prison reform, a passionate blogger, and a public speaker. He wrote this article for us, to explain why, from an ex-prisoners perspective, working in prison education is so important.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

HMPYOI Glen Parva Success Beyond The Gate


Ben, a Milton Keynes College Academy learner, left HMPYOI Glen Parva with confidence and an interest in the hospitality industry thanks to a Catering course. 

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

Prison Education helps Young Offenders


Many Young Offenders attending prison for the first time find the adjustment difficult; for Kyle, this was a challenge that was too hard.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

Employment Academy Success for HMP Glenn Parva Learner


Arriving at HMPYOI Glen Parva, Daniel had hit rock bottom. Deciding he would take every opportunity he could to better himself, he was determined to attend all courses on offer to him through Milton Keynes College. 

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

Premier Inn OLASS Employment Academy


While serving his sentence at HMP Winchester, Mark Simpson participated in the Premier Inn Employment Academy within the prison. Previously running his own car valeting company, Mark was used to being employed, and strived to use his time in custody positively.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

Offender Learning Academy - Greggs


Greggs Academy learner, Laura Salamon, recently finished her sentence at HMP Drakehall and became the first ever Academy learner to be given a senior job role in Greggs, immediately after release.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

HMP Bullingdon learner secures work placement with Timpson


While in custody at HMP Bullingdon, Academy learner, Lawrence White, completed and passed the Timpson Academy course successfully. Timpson then offered him a two week work placement upon release.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

Employers can prevent reoffending - OLASS


The UK charity, Business in the Community (BITC), is using the third anniversary of its Ban the Box campaign to call on employers to rethink the way they treat young job applicants with criminal convictions.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10


Graphic design students at HMP Coldingley were recently given the chance to redesign the Milton Keynes OLASS logo. These were then presented to Sally Alexander, Executive Director, and the OLASS marketing team during their visit to the prison in November.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10

HMP Long Lartin - learner story



Guy, from HMP Long Lartin, explains how an education allowed him to take responsibility for his past and look towards the future

Posted on Sunday Nov 27

HMP Isle of Wight - Learner Story


Goss, a prisoner at HMP Isle of Wight, never thought he would be able to get qualifications, but an Offender Learning scheme allowed him to achieve things he never thought he could

Posted on Friday Nov 25

HMP Long Lartin - Offender Learning



Adam, a prisoner at HMP Long Lartin, tells the story of how education helped him and gave him a brighter future. 

Posted on Friday Nov 25


Milton Keynes College


Staff at Milton Keynes College discuss the importance of making a difference by giving someone an education and employment.

Posted on Friday Nov 25

Milton Keynes College - how education helped


Two learners talk about how an education helped them and gave them the chance to have a better future.

Posted on Friday Nov 25

Milton Keynes College - why OLASS is important


Julie Mills, Principal and Chief Executive of Milton Keynes College, discusses the reasons why OLASS is so important to them, the importance of colleges to individuals and communities, and the impact that learning can have on ex-offenders.

Posted on Friday Nov 25

Milton Keynes College


Staff from Milton Keynes College and an employee of RMF Construction Services LTD talk about working with learners to find employment on release.

Posted on Thursday Nov 24

Milton Keynes College's photo.


Tutors at Milton Keynes College discuss their experiences of working in offender learning and give their top tips to people thinking of entering the profession.


Posted on Tuesday Nov 22

Why teach in Prisons



Why should you teach in prisons? We give you our top reasons for considering a career in offender learning. 

Posted on Monday Nov 21



Amina Bodhania shares her experiences of teaching FE in one of Britain's largest prisons

Posted on Tuesday Nov 8

Novus Clean Break Case Study


Novus colleagues at HMP Holloway have been working closely with Clean Break Theatre Company to help women continue their creative development throughout their time in custody and after being released.


Posted on Wednesday Oct 5

Dermalogica - Novus Case Study


Novus has been working with a leading UK training and skincare provider to offer a full day’s workshop to learners.


Posted on Wednesday Oct 5

Novus Case Study Steven Ellis


After studying Art and Design with Novus at HMP Humber, Steven applied to Leeds College of Art, where he is now in the final year of a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.


Posted on Wednesday Oct 5

Novus Case Study - Apprenticeships


When 'Darren' finished his Novus studies and was released from HMP/YOI Deerbolt, he was presented with a life-changing opportunity.


Posted on Wednesday Oct 5

Novus Learner Story - John OLASS News


John, a learner at HMP Full Sutton, has set up a coffee shop and has also started a Science degree at university since leaving the establishment.


Posted on Wednesday Oct 5

Novus Case Study - Jacob's inspiration


Following an Author's visit to the Novus Education Department at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, 'Jacob' feels his Novus studies have given him a feeling of purpose and self-worth.


Posted on Tuesday Sep 27

Novus Dragons Den Case Study


A Novus learner at HMP Pentonville successfully pitched his business idea to five entrepreneurs and will be given the opportunity to launch his own mobile tailoring business when he is released from the prison.


Posted on Tuesday Sep 27


The new justice secretary, Liz Truss, plans to continue with Michael Gove's prison reform plan despite scepticism surrounding the current violent state of British prisons which could slow reform plans.


Posted on Monday Aug 8


The annual Prison Reading Groups event was a huge success, bringing together volunteers, librarians and reading organisations to inspire and encourage prisoners of all abilities to engage in and enjoy reading. 


Posted on Monday Aug 8

Greggs MK College Employment Academy

Milton Keynes College work with Greggs to provide offenders with an Employment Academy that enables learners to obtain qualifications covering health and safety, food hygiene, manual handling and first aid.


Posted on Thursday Jul 7

Learning - Book and Calculator


As a High Security, Long-termers' prison, HMP Long Lartin runs distance learning and Open University study support sessions for learners. Read about 4 students that graduated with Honours degrees in Law, Humanities, Politics, Philosophy and Economics and lastly Science. 

Posted on Monday Jun 20


The next in our series of Offender Learning employee experiences, this time featuring an Education Manager.


Posted on Thursday Jun 16

N-ergy logo - OLASS with Weston College


‘Paul’, an ex-prisoner, shares his Learner Journey about how he found employment on release from a prison in the South West of England, where the Education Department is run by Weston College.


Posted on Wednesday Jun 15

IRC The Verne, OLASS News


The Verne are using their vocational education courses to make sure that new arrivals at the prison are given a peaceful, safe environment to come into.


Posted on Saturday Jun 11


An overview of Weston College, the provider of OLASS services to prisons in the South West of England.


Posted on Tuesday May 10


This case study is a selection of opinions from prisoners around the UK and their experiences of Offender Learning.

Posted on Monday Mar 14


Prison education has expanded rapidly in recent years. Vocational training is now offered in all sorts of sectors, including Horticulture, Carpentry and even Barbering. This Case Study looks at the changes in the prison education system and how you can benefit from it.


Posted on Thursday Feb 4

Milton Keynes College have provided a fantastic example of the great work they do for young offenders in this inspirational learner experience story, featuring 'Lucas' from HMYOI Brinsford.


Posted on Tuesday Jan 19


An overview of PeoplePlus, OLASS provider for the East of England.


Posted on Monday Jan 11


Sally Alexander, Executive Director of OLASS, provides an overview of the areas covered by Milton Keynes College in the Offender Learning sector.


Posted on Sunday Jan 10


After completing a Barbering course in HMP Leyhill's education department,  run by Weston College, 'Chris' working at a local salon in his home town of Exeter.


Posted on Thursday Jan 7


A first-hand account of how a Regional Cluster Manager got involved in Offender Learning.


Posted on Monday Nov 2


An individual prisoners' experience of Offender Learning in the UK.

Posted on Wednesday Aug 5


A first-hand account of the experiences of an Offender Learning Curriculum Manager in Functional Skills.


Posted on Wednesday Jul 15


Do you want to work in an environment where you can make a real difference?


Posted on Wednesday Jul 1

 The first in a series on current employees in UK prisons, focusing on a Music Technology  teacher.


Posted on Tuesday Jun 30

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