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OlassJobs Offender Learning LogoEverything You Need To Know About Offender Learning Careers

A career in Offender Learning would suit individuals who are passionate about getting people re-engaged in learning.

Posted on Saturday Mar 4

OLASS Application FormApplication Process For Offender Education Jobs

OlassJobs explain some of the fundamentals of the Offender Education application process…

Posted on Friday Mar 3

Prison Security Fence Security Clearance Information For UK Prisons

This section covers the relevant security clearance needed and the various prison security categories.

Posted on Friday Mar 3

Question Mark Board OJFAQs About Working In Offender Education

Frequently asked questions about careers in the Offender Education sector

Posted on Friday Mar 3

Prisons Map Small - UKUK Prisons Map: Find HMP Establishments Near You

Are you trying to find the very best opportunities near you? All prisons in England are located here on OlassJobs.

Posted on Friday Mar 3

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