Consider a career in Offender Learning


Do you want to work in an environment where you can make a real difference?


Offenders are just people who have made mistakes and, just like everybody else, are looking for the chance to move forward without repeating those mistakes. This article will look at just some of the reasons that make Offender Learning a viable alternative to working within mainstream Education settings.


Make a difference

The opportunity to work in an environment that allows you to make a real, long-term difference to the life of a person does not come along every day. Working within Offender Learning is a highly rewarding career path that allows you to really make a difference to learner’s lives, setting them on a path that many could never have even imagined they would get to walk.


Access from all areas

You may think that it is too late for you to drop everything and train to be a teacher, but staff have come into Offender Learning at all ages and from all walks of life. Most had never considered offender learning as a progressive career choice but once engaged, they seldom leave! There are countless examples of staff members that worked in a range of industries, had other life experiences or have entered teacher training as a mature student.


Smaller classes

As a teacher within the Justice Sector you would be delivering your curriculum to small classes of motivated learners, which is great for many reasons. Firstly, if you’re an inexperienced teacher or unsure of yourself, a smaller class is a far less daunting place to start than a busy room filled with screaming teenagers. It also allows for far more 1 to 1 time with each student, allowing you to make sure that each learner fully understands, which can only help improve success rates. Learners are often more motivated than in many schools as rather than it being compulsory, offenders have to prove that they want to be there. The combination of these points has led to many staff members describing the pride they feel when a learner that has overcome hardship in order to succeed as one of the greatest benefits of the job.



These learners respond well to creative teaching, particularly by those individuals who are genuinely passionate about getting them re-engaged in learning. As restrictions and regulations are much tighter in prison than normal education, things such as creative teaching and being ‘hands-on’ are crucial to teaching in this field. Most teachers thrive upon this responsibility, relishing the chance to come up with new and inventive ways to get the best out of their students, as opposed to being given a set way to teach a curriculum with no chance to express themselves.


A vast range of subjects

Are you an expert but haven't ever found an opportunity to pass your skills on? Offender Learning has an almost boundless range of subjects to teach in, with learners that truly appreciate the chance to work towards a brighter future. As well as the expected courses such as English, maths and employability skills, teachers and trainers are employed in a vast range of areas including construction, art & creative crafts, or even fitness instruction.


Fantastic career progression

The Justice Sector offers candidates a truly impressive rate of career progression. Starting out as a Tutor, you will be given the chance to plan your route to becoming a Team Leader and even an Education Manager. Other routes of progression include working in quality and assurance, training and development, internal verification, learning support and advanced practitioner.

During your induction and probationary period highly experienced members of staff, which have previously been in your position, will support you. As well as being given an in-depth induction on prison craft, you can expect to have regular reviews with your curriculum lead or a ‘buddy’. All staff within the Education Department are provided with continued support from the prison for any issues that may arise.


These are just some of the great reasons to work in Offender Learning. Get in touch with the team at OLASS Jobs now to find out more.

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